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Priscilla Jones: Music Listening Room

His Promise ... Christ Has Set Me Free

(Priscilla Jones)
May 27, 2006
Words, Music, Arrangement & Lead Vocals: Priscilla Jones
One day, the Lord gave me the melody, lyrics, and music to this song. It was a "mirror" of what I was going through ... I was bound up by so many things... simply put, I was not emotionally or mentally free from the cares of this life. So, I let the song go, placing it in a box, leaving it in the hands of God. In 2005, the Lord my God, brought this song back to me, with a few additions.

It is my prayer that this song will make a positive difference, and become a new testamony in your life.

May God forever bless and keep you safe, within His loving care. Yours In Christ Jesus ... who has truly set me free, P.
Lyrics available within CD Insert ... Thank you.