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Priscilla Jones: Buy

Sheet Music: His Promise...Christ Has Set Me Free - > $ 3.50

SHEET MUSIC purchase... Simply click on the "PayPal" button below. It's easy & safe. ALSO... additional offers are below, so please view further.

CD Single: His Promise ... Christ Has Set Me Free - > $ 7.00 + Shipping & Handling (US=$3.00 ~ International=$12.00)

Purchase your CD Single through this web site ... simply click on the "PayPal" button below. It's Easy & Safe. (Listen to a sample - click on Music Room) ... But don't stop viewing - there's even more below.
The CD Single is also available for purchase through CD Baby Online Music Store at: (click on the "links" button, to your left - you can even hear a clip of the song). ALL CD SINGLE PURCHASES COME COMPLETE WITH: Poster & Limited Edition: Handmade/Hand Painted Porcelain Lapel Pin, as part of the purchase price.

Bay Area Store listings below. Thank you for your support & God Bless, P.

Bay Area Music Stores - Stores & Locations:

**Jones & Harris Records and Tapes:
3016 Cutting Blvd./Richmond, CA (510) 235-8635
**Rieds Records:
3101 Sacramento Street/Berkley, CA
(510) 843-7282
**Creative Music Emporium:
26 Ocean Avenue/San Francisco, CA
(415) 334-1001