An anointed, theatrical sound and explosive delivery ... Jones is destined to become a true gospel diva" -Yolandria Jones-Totten, Georgia Proclaimer Magazine Staff Writer” - Yolandria Jones-Totten, Staff Writer

— Georgia Proclaimer Gospel Music Magazine

This CD Single is powerful" -Wil Cason, The Success Edge Talk Show Host” - The Success Edge -Wil Cason, Radio Talk Show Host

Jazz Beat Radio 88.1 FM

Priscilla Jones may not be the mouse that roared, but she's definitely the petite person who can sing" -Rich Freedman, Time-Herald Staff Writer” - Rich Freedman, Times-Herald Staff Writer

The Arts, Times-Herald Newspaper

What a big voice, from such a small lady" -Anita Hubbard, CEO A.H. Ministries, Inc.” - Anita Hubbard

— Anita Hubbard Ministries, Inc.

... a great singer. I had an opportunity to see her perform live ... enjoyed this cut".” - Shannon Lacy, DJ

— 104.9 FM - Radio Station, Vallejo, CA

I was amazed. This woman can flat out sang. Now you notice I didn't say sing ... I said sang. The Lord has truly blessed her " - Clifford Brown, Jr., Program Director - KDYA Northern California's only all Gopsel Radio Station” - Clifford Brown, Jr., Program Director & Operations Manager

KDYA Gospel 1190 AM - The Light

...a beautiful voice, a beautiful song, and very nice project. The prayer and worship really sets a tone...thank you for sharing your ministry with us" - Marhalen Martin, KDYA Gospel 1190 AM - The Light” - Marshalen Martin, D.J. / The "Dean" of Gospel

— KDYA Gospel 1190 AM - The Light

I came out to listen ... It was spectacular. You have been Blessed ... You have been Blessed ” - Jim Bracy, V.P. of Student Services, Mission College

— Mission College, Santa Clara, CA